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First, we must know what subject you are studying at the moment and what is the task that you need us to do, you can help us with that by Submitting the Assignment, in this sense we can estimate the costs of our services. Then one of our agents will contact you, and once you cancel through PayPal, the task will be completed in record time.

Yes, we are prepared to deal with almost any subject. However, the best way to know if we can help you is to contact us or fill out the get a free quote on our website in the โ€œSubmit Assignmentโ€ section.

Mostly in English, we are located in the United States, but we are qualified to carry out tasks in different languages like French and Spanish.

Not at all, we know that we deal with students who have a purchasing power a little limited by all other school and university expenses, however, we do manage different rates depending on the service you need: someone to do a test for you, someone to attend to a class for you, if you just need a simple assignment be done, someone to attend a complete course for you, etc.

In our “Pay Now” section you will have a step-by-step guide on how to pay and tell you the accepted forms of payment: credit card, debit card, and PayPal.
Place the amount in the box “pay now, ” and you will receive an automatic message via email with a receipt of your payment.

No. All payments are made before we start working on the assignment to have a guarantee that the client will not leave without canceling what remains as our team of experts always guarantees to deliver their work with excellent quality and on time.

We always ensure the maximum note in each delivery we make, none of our clients have taken less than an A or B in any matter, but if that happens, you can contact us to review the work done and together we will find the solution.

Depending on the assignment and their needs, all tasks assigned to us are delivered on time. In fact, there is time left after or delivery for you to do a little check out to the assignment if you want.

No, our policies prohibit us from publishing the identity of our customers. Although we have a very close relationship with the people who hire us, we maintain confidentiality and professionalism at all times. That is part of all values.

No. All our works are 100% original and authentic, made only for the person who hires us at the moment, that way we ensure the highest score, performing quality. Otherwise, the notes we get would be mediocre.However, we always recommend you contact us long enough to do a good job.

Although we have a very fast response time, the success of the assignments we make also depends on the days we have to carry them out, the more days of preparation we have, the better, but there is no exact time in advance to get in touch with us.

No, usually our clients have contact with our customer service staff, but not with the expert. Although our services are orientated to solve the tasks or take classes you cannot do for some reason or another, however between our services we donโ€™t contemplate school counseling or advisory services on specific subjects.

We ensure that there is always a customer service staff ready to help you and solve questions when you need them, however during the working days our response is usually much faster, so try to communicate with us in a timely manner.

You have nothing to worry about. We have a policy of 100% refund of the money if our customers are not satisfied with the assistance we provide, as long as it has been determined that quality standards have not been met.

We have experts who attend in more than 100 subjects; we have the position No. 1 in the North American educational market. The facts speak for us, but if you still have doubts, you can read the review of the testimonies of the customers who have come to us.

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