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Biology is a trademark science that is in light of the research of life or living matter in every structure and game plans including its limit, improvement, origin, progression and allotment.

Biology is the study of the science behind life and it includes the study of the structure of different organisms on this planet, their function, origin, evolution and growth. It is classified into nine sub categories under biology field.

  • Bio Assignment Kingdom : the study of the material substances that make up living things
  • Botany : the study of plants, including agriculture
  • Cellular biology : the study of the basic cellular units of living things
  • Ecology: the study of how organisms interact with their environment
  • Evolutionary biology : the study of the origins and changes in the diversity of life over time
  • Genetics : the study of heredity
  • Molecular biology : the study of the central dogma of life
  • Physiology : the study of the functions of organisms and their parts
  • Zoology : the study of animals, including animal behavior


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